Issac Merrit Singer/Sewing Machine
Issac Merrit Singer lived from 1811 to 1875

1839-Patented a rock-drilling machine and worked with his brother to help dig the Illinois waterway

1849-Patented a metal and wood carving machine

1850-Designed and built a better and more improved model of a sewing machine

1851-Got a patent for sewing machine and lost a suit against Elias Howe

1860-Became the largest manufacturer of sewing machines in the world

1851 to 1865-Patented 20 new improvments to the sewing machine

     Issac Merrit Singer was the man who invented the continuous stitching sewing machine. Before Singer came up with this great invention he was just a normal boy living in Oswego, New York. Even from the age of 12 Singer was amazed with mechanics and worked in stores as a mechanic. Another of Singer's passions as a boy was to act, but he later gave that up for mechanics.

     As Singer got older he invented the rock-drilling machine in 1839 and he also invented the metal and wood carving machine in 1849. In 1850 Singer was working in a Boston shop when he was asked to repair a Lerow and Lodgett machine, a few days later Singer came up with a design and built a better more improved sewing machine. In 1851 there were many other people like Singer trying to come up with a better sewing machine that worked well. When Singer got a patent for a sewing machine in 1851 he lost a suit against Elias Howe who was suing for infringement. Singer finally succeeded in 1860 and became the largest manufacturer of sewing machines in the world. Through the time of 1851 to 1860 singer patented many new improvement such as yielding the presser foot and continuous wheel feed. Singer died in 1875 but was also successful in installment buying, advertising campaigns, provision of service and sales.

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