Jet Streams Activity

Completing this Extra Credit activity correctly, will boost your lowest grade for the term by 20 points!
(EXAMPLE: a 65 would become an 85).
This activity is due before the end of the current term.


DIRECTIONS: Begin by reading each question and then click on the link provided.  You may have to browse each web site to find the answers.  Type the correct answer in the spaces provided. When finished answering all the questions, click on the "Submit Answers" button at the bottom of the page.  A screen should appear that confirms it has been sent successfully, if not, you should print this worksheet.  If you prefer, you may also print this page and hand it in personally.
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1.  In which direction does the jet stream typically flow? weather/tg/wjstream/ wjstream.htm weather/wjet.htm


2.  What types of air masses do jet streams separate?

http://ww2010.atmos. (Gh)/guides/ mtr/cyc/ upa/jet.rxml


3.  Where is the jet stream located in the U.S. today? What does this tell you? LocalWeather/ World/ UnitedStates/ JetStream/ aviation/maps/ jet1_277x187.html graphics/ jetstreams/ US_Today.html gif/jetstream_ init_00.gif jetstream.html

4.  How does the shape and location of the jet stream help to predict the weather? weather/ wzonal.htm weather/tg/ wtrough/ wtrough.htm weather/tg/ wridge/wridge.htm weather/ wcurvflw.htm


5.  Where are jet streams typically located around the globe. (The jet streams are red lines on the following site.) ess/Notes/ AtmosphericCirculation/ atmoscell_big.jpeg

6.  Why are jet streams located there? (Hint: also review your answer to question #1) weather/tg/ wglobale/ wglobale.htm notebook/ transcripts/ 2000/01/11.html


7.  Why are the jet stream winds faster during the winter months? wgbh/nova/ balloon/ science/ jetstream.html
(Hint: Scroll down to the “How Fast?” section)

8.  What is a jet streak? How does it affect weather? weather/tg/ wjet/wjet.htm weather/ wjet.htm


9.  In March of 1999, two balloonists, Brian Jones of Britain and Bertrand Piccard of Switzerland, rode a jet stream across the Atlantic Ocean in their quest to be the first team to soar around the world in a balloon without stopping. How did the jet stream help them on their quest? sections/world/ DailyNews/ balloonquest 990319.html