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2002, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


The City Engineer of Newton has decided to replace several obsolete bridges in the city.  The first of these is an old concrete beam bridge that crosses the Charles River and connects Newton to Watertown along Route 16.   The old bridge will be demolished and replaced with a more modern structure.  The City will ultimately hire the Engineering Firm that designs the most efficient bridge.

Design Requirements:

The Newton City Engineer has developed the following design requirements for the bridge:

  • The new bridge will be constructed on the abutments from the old structure. These existing supports are 24 meters apart.
  • The bridge must carry two lanes of traffic.
  • For consistency with the nearby Watertown Square bridge, the new structure should be a truss.
  • The bridge must be made of steel.
  • Each design team must submit a complete design portfolio.
  • Each design team must submit a minimum of 2 different truss designs.
Because of the always present, limited city budget, it is essential that the new bridge cost as little as possible.