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2002, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


The links below will direct you to a page where you can review the curriculum in more detail and even print out worksheets and hand-outs.  Use the email link to contact me with any questions or concerns.

This course is intended to introduce students to the world of technology.  We will explore any area of Technology, such as Manufacturing, Transportation, Communication and design.  Tool skills will be included, but a major emphasis will be placed on safety, teamwork, responsibility, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and evaluation skills.
This course stresses engineering activities, such as designing, drafting, and fabrication.  Students will learn and utilize the design process to design and make a small CO2 powered vehicle.  The steps involved will be to identify the problem, make small thumbnail sketches to get many ideas, make rough sketches of a few of the designs of choice, select a final design and make a working drawing, and finally build the vehicle.

This course focuses on communications, high tech design principles, and modular technology units.  The modular units are offered to the students at a self- paced level and are designed to expose students to the many developing careers and technologies which exist in our society. The students will also use computers as a tool for designing and manufacturing.

Engineering Tech-Elect
The Engineering Technology Elective is open to all 8th grade students. This elective will allow students to explore hands-on, minds-on activities directly related to Engineering Technology.  Some of the activities include robotics, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, structures, motorized magnetic levitation and more...  Click HERE for more info!

Science and Technology / Engineering State Frameworks
View the Massachusetts Science and Technology / Engineering Frameworks for grades 6 through 8.

Girls in Engineering (Girls only, Grade 7) CURRENTLY NOT RUNNING
This elective, offered during 4th period "Enrichment" block, is being offered to 7th grade girls only.  The course will explore, in more detail, the principles of engineering.  A major focus will on the "Design Process" and how to utilize that process to solve problems.  Click here for examples of curriculum, photo's, examples, and links.

Fine and Applied Arts (FAA) rotation schedule and dates
The FAA Team rotates 4 times each year.  See the schedule and dates here.

(All classes run approximately 9 weeks, for 30 classes per rotation @ 50 minutes each)

Thank you for your interest in the program.
If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to CONTACT me.

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