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2019, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


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Engineering Technology Links

ABS Supplies   Hundreds of hands-on educational activities for young persons
Brentwood Machine Sales A good source for purchasing tools and machinery at great prices.
DEPCO, Inc.  Quality products available to technology teachers
Society of Technology and Engineering Educators in Massachusetts. MassTEC continues to serve as a resource for the area of technology education .
Festo USA  Computer simulation programs
Grizzly Industrial  We have one of the largest, fully stocked parts departments in the industry with over 26,000 different parts and tools!
Hearlihy Electronics  Supplier of hundreds of electronics and related parts
Kelvin Electronics  New and innovative products for Technology Education, Science and Electronics
LabVolt  Specializing in High Tech modular unit curriculum, furniture and supplies for Technology Education
Energy Concepts, Inc.  
L.J. Technical Systems  Makers of Scantech 2000 products, furniture and classroom management systems
Burns Tools  Quality tools at great prices
Midwest Technology Products  Lots of supplies, furniture and curriculum for Technology Education
International Technology and Engineering Education Association
A professional organization of technology teachers. Our mission is to promote technological literacy for all by supporting the teaching of technology .  ITEA strengthens the profession through leadership, professional development, membership services, publications, and classroom activities.
Gov Connections  Computer software, hardware, and training supplier for PC's with special pricing for educational institutions.
Tec Ed Concepts  State-of-the-art 3D solutions needed to teach today's young people about the fields of engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing and architecture
Tech Directions Publication The nation's only trade journal for teachers and administrators of career/technical and technology education
National Engineers Week This is a great resource about engineering.  This web site supports local engineering competitions and works hand in hand with ZOOM to promote engineering literacy for younger students. Check it out!

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Misc. Educational Links
Discovery Channel School
Classroom Connect
National Geographic
Windows to the Universe
The History Net
Library of Congress
PBS Online
Teaching and Learning with Technology
Electronic School

Smithsonian Institution
Education Index
PBS Teacher Source

U. S. Department of Education
Guide to Web Style
Educators Net

Flights of Inspiration
Global Schoolhouse
High Wired
Professional Develpoment Resources
Evaluating Web Sites for Education
National Ed. Technology Standards
Web Teacher
Newtons Apple

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Web Construction Links
Web Development Sites
Guide to Web Style - Yale
Guide to Web Style - Sun
CNET Advanced HTML
Index of HTML Tags
*Web Monkey
Website Builders
*Web Tools

HTML Goodies Tutorials

Java/JavaScript Sites
JavaScript World
Java Script Helpers
Java Goodies

Sun Microsystems

* Excellent choices

Image Sites
SHARE105 Image Page
Clip Art Search
Media Builder
Flaming Text
Absolute Graphics Archive
Barry's Clip Art
A+ Clip Art

PowerPoint Related Sites
Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint Pointers

HyperStudio Related Sites

HyperStudio Plug-in

Background Images
Wep Page Backgrounds

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These are links to sites for downloading the following programs.

Downloads and Plug-Ins
Download and install Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 (or later).
Download and install Netscape Navigator 2.1 (or later).
Download and install Macromedia's Director Shockwave Plug-In to see animations.
Install the VivoActive Player 2.0 to view this video.
Download and install the VivoActive Player 2.0 to view videos.

Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download and install Macromedia's Authorware Plug-In
Download and install Real Audio's Plug-in.
Download and install Flash Player
Download and install Shockwave Player

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