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2002, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department



This is a grade booster activity worth up to 30 points.  All extra credit points will be added to your final grade at the end of the term.  All extra credit is due by the end of the current term.

Use the library, Internet, news papers, periodicals, and/or personal resources to investigate the various jobs listed below.  Collect all the information needed for each job and submit the form to Mr. Whitman.  You can also use a computer to generate the information if you prefer.

Print the WORKSHEET below and use that form to fill in all the information about each job.  You may use any of the following links to research the information on-line, or any other resources you see fit.  Just remember, you need to give credit where credit is due.  Make a list of all the resources you used when doing this activity.

  1. Print this WORKSHEET. (or get one from Mr. Whitman)
  2. Fill in all the information for each job listed.
  3. Make list of all your resources. (web pages, magazines, news papers, people, etc.)

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Thank you for your interest in the program.
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