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2002, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


Tools in Technology - Makeup Activity

To see the uses of each tool, simply place your mouse over the image and read the description.
If you are using this for your Make-Up assignment, you can print a worksheet HERE.

You may use this page to help you complete any of the Extra Credit activities.

Eye protection Measuring long distances Cutting very thin metal, like a soda can Used for cutting thick metal only, no wood Used for hitting other tools or wood Clamping metal objects, will damage wood Used for shaping metal Clamp wood without damaging it Tighten or loosen nuts and bolts Lock onto things to hold them extremely tight Grasp very small objects Grasping objects too small for your bare hands Sanding the surface of wood with power Drilling holes by hand with power Cutting small thin wire metal Drilling holes very acurately Used for making curvy cuts in wood Gluing all sorts of materials Removing large chunks of wood Screws with an x or a plus (+) sign Used for marking on wood or metal Used for making 90 degree lines or angles For drilling holes in any material For slotted screws, or screws with a minus (-) sign Used with a Brace to bore large holes Set a finish nail below the surface of the wood Drill small holes by hand Cut long pieces of wood to length Bore large holes Smooth or round the edges of wood Shave down the edges of wood Drive nails in or remove them

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