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2019, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


"It's a Girl Thing"

HEY GIRLS!  Are you interested in an elective designed especially for you?  If so, read on.....

Do you like to design and invent things?  Do you like to build and test things?  Do you like to be creative and imaginative?  How about exploring the principles of, solar cars, robotics, structures, magnetic levitation, electricity, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing?  Or do you just simply like to have fun?  If your answer is YES, this might be the elective for you!

"Technology/Engineering: It's A Girl Thing!" is a program designed to strengthen knowledge and skills of Technology/Engineering (an integral part of the Science & Technology/Engineering Curriculum Frameworks and MCAS assessment).

     Students will use the design process to research problems, design solutions, build prototypes, test solutions, and finally present their project to others.  Students will have a chance to work on individual assignments and in small groups.  Also, there will be an opportunity for field trips to businesses and industries that focus on high tech and engineering fields.

Here are a few examples of what's to come:

  • Design a robotic arm to lift an object and place it in a container
  • Design and build a structure out of spaghetti that will support the most weight
  • Design a motorized Mag Lev vehicle that will go the fastest
  • Design the most efficient house, from selecting a lot to the color of the paint
  • Design a company logo for your engineering firm
  • Solve the most efficient way to make a sandwich (you get to eat this one!)
  • Solve puzzles, play games, go on field trips

Well, there you have it.  Does it sound interesting?  If so, click HERE to get the full scoop.

Thank you for your interest in the program.
If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to CONTACT me.

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