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2002, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


CAD Assignment #1 - Grading Rubric

The following examples are given as a guide to give students an idea of what they can expect for a grade given the outcome of their project.  Keep in mind, each design activity is different, but the same design criteria is applied to each.  

Novice (5 pts.)
Developing (10 pts.)
Proficient (15 pts.)
Exemplary (20 pts.)
Photo Editing
(20 points)
Photo is grainy or pixilated. Poor resolution. No photo editing.
Photo is slightly grainy or pixilated. No photo editing.
Photo quality is good and shows very little graininess. Photo edited slightly.
Photo quality is excellent. Good size and has been edited perfectly.

(20 points)

Less than 3 text items inserted. Text style and color is unchanged from default setting.
3 or more text items added. No font color or style changes. Text not in "blocks".
More than 5 text items added. Some font color or style changes. Some text is arranged in "blocks".
Several text items added. All text is arranged in "blocks". Good choice of color and font styles.
Spelling / Punctuation (20 points)
3 or more spelling errors.
2 or less spelling or punctuation errors.
1 spelling or punctuation errors.
No spelling or punctuation errors.
(20 points)
1 additional graphic or photo added.
2 additional graphics or photos added.
3 additional graphics or photos added.
4 or more additional graphics or photos added.
Effort and Creativity
(20 points)
Work shows very little effort, planning and design preparation.
Work shows some effort, but overall fairly simple.
Work shows substantial effort. Some planning and design considerations.
Work shows exemplary effort. Design is well planned and executed.


  • Always select fonts that are easy to read
  • Think of creative ways to use text and graphics together, blending, slanting text, extruding or 3-D. etc.
  • Use colors that compliment each other.
  • Use graphics that are eye catching and unique
  • Design your text in columns not in sentences
  • Make text entries short and brief, not paragraphs


Check out the examples below to get an idea of how these assignments were graded.  
Remember, the more creative you get, the higher the points you will score

A Work
B Work
C Work
D Work
example 2
example 3

Thank you for your interest in the program.
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