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2019, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


In grades 6-8, students pursue engineering questions and technological solutions that emphasize research and problem solving. They identify and understand the five elements of a technology system (goal, inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback). They acquire basic skills in the safe use of hand tools, power tools, and machines. They explore engineering design; materials, tools, and machines; and communication, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and bioengineering technologies. Starting in these grades and extending through grade 10, the topics of power and energy are incorporated into the study of most areas of technology. Students integrate knowledge they acquired in their mathematics and science curricula to understand the links to engineering. They achieve a more advanced level of skill in engineering design by learning to conceptualize a problem, design prototypes in three dimensions, and use hand and power tools to construct their prototypes, test their prototypes, and make modifications as necessary. The culmination of the engineering design experience is the development and delivery of an engineering presentation.

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