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2002, Bigelow Middle School, Engineering Technology Department


Bridges Web Quest
There's no doubt sometime in your life you've seen a bridge, and it's almost as likely that you've traveled over one.  If you've ever laid a plank or log down over a stream to keep from getting wet, you've even constructed a bridge.  A bridge provides passage over some sort of obstacle: a river, a valley, a road, a set of railroad tracks, etc.

photo coutesy of Peter P. Papesch

In this Web Quest activity, you and your partner will become "Virtual" Civil Engineers.  You will research the four major types of bridges to gather an understanding of how each design works.  After you select the correct bridge type, you will be challenged to design and test a virtual bridge.  Your success will be determined by how efficient your bridge is.  Will your Engineering Firm have the most efficient design?  Good luck and truss' your insticts.

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